Overlord Series Watch Order

How to watch Overlord Anime Series in order? Most of you have this question in your mind and are today here reading this post to find the answer to this question. You can rest easy now as I have shared here in this post the correct and the best Overlord Watch Order. Just follow the Overlord Anime Watching Order given in this post and enjoy watching the anime series without any problems.

What is the proper order of watching the Overlord anime, including the specials and movies?

Most of you reading this post will get the complete answer to this question in this post. Below I have shared overlord anime order to watch, overlord anime movie order, Overlord watch order for episodes, movies, specials, OVAs, ONAs, etc.

Also below you will get the release order and chronological order for Overlord Series Watch Order. So, let’s start with our best Watch Order Guide for Overlord Anime Series.

Overlord Series Watch Order | TV Series Release Order

  1. Season 1: Overlord (2015)
  2. Season 2: Overlord II (2018)
  3. Season 3: Overlord III (2018)
  4. Season 4: Overlord IV (release date to be announced…)
  1. Season 1: Overlord (13 Episodes)
  2. Overlord: The Undead King (Movie)
  3. Overlord: The Dark Warrior (Movie)
  4. Pure Pure Pleiades I (8 Episodes) (Specials)
  5. Season 2: Overlord II (13 Episodes)
  6. Pure Pure Pleiades II (13 Episodes) (ONA)
  7. Season 3: Overlord III (13 Episodes)
  8. Pure Pure Pleiades III (13 Episodes) (ONA)
  9. Season 3: Overlord III (release date to be announced…)
  10. Pure Pure Pleiades IV (release date to be announced…)

Movies | Release Order

  1. Overlord: The Undead King (2017)
  2. Overlord: The Dark Hero (2017)

OVAs | Release Order

  1. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades – Nazarick Saidai no Kiki (2016)

ONAs | Release Order

  1. Overlord: Oukoku no Kan-tachi – Drama CD-Tsuki Tokusou-ban (2014)
  2. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades II (2018)
  3. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades III (2018)
  4. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades – Clementine Toubou-hen (2018)

Specials | Release Order

  1. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades (2016)
  2. Overlord Movie: Ple Ple Pleiades (2017)
  3. Overlord Movie: Manner Movie (2017)

What can you skip?

You can skip the two movies :- Overlord: The Undead King (2017) and Overlord: The Dark Hero (2017) as they are just recaps of Season 1 of Overlord Anime Series.


So, here ends our Watch Order Guide for Overlord Anime Series. You should watch the anime in the Recommended Watch Order given above to watch full Overlord Anime Series without any problem.

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